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North Point Church seeks to bring our congregation to full maturity in Jesus Christ and to prepare ourselves to go out into the community sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We seek to have Jesus Christ as preeminent in our lives.

We do this through:

Small Groups

Within these groups, we aim to build personal relationships and growth by the Word of God in a comfortable environment. Through Bible Study, prayer and personal discussion, we endeavor to develop each member’s gifts and a deeper connection with each other. This is one of the most effective ministries of discipleship at North Point Church.

  • Wednesday at 11am, North Point Church, Hebrews
  • Thursday at 6pm, Knipp’s Home, Genesis

Sewing 4 Souls

A ministry started with the goal of providing clothing to children in third world countries. By providing a physical need, missionaries have a chance to meet a spiritual need. The women of North Point Church meet at the church the 1st and 2nd Tuesday of every month (9am and 1pm).

Crossroads Chapel

There are numerous trucks that cross our roads each day. For many, their home is their truck. The truck stop enables these drivers to rest, shower and eat.

Crossroads Chapel is located at the T/A truck stop off of exit 369. They provide chaplains for Sunday services, discipleship throughout the week and evangelical outreach for those in need.

North Point Church support the chapel and its chaplains to provide access seven days a week for drivers and employees at the stop.

Bible Release Time

Bible Released Time is an exciting opportunity for students to learn about the Bible during their school day! Nationwide, thousands of students attend Bible Released Time programs each year.

The classes consist of a fun time for students as they learn from God’s Word through a creatively presented Bible lesson. Students will dig deeper into the Scriptures and learn to answer hard questions about what they believe and why.

A parent or guardian must give permission for their child to be released to attend.
Safety is a top priority! All volunteers must pass a background check. Student information is only shared with the school and the hosting organization.